About Us

Unlike the ever-changing fast fashion brands, KNDQND focuses on the individual mindset and what makes people feel confident, united, and ambitious throughout every collection. Clothing that represents meaning gives us the passion for creating original designs that empower Kings and Queens to be unapologetic in who they truly are on this earth. As we curate different flairs, we remain aligned with the current culture and youthful ideas wholeheartedly. Using fashion as a form of expression, we're consistently catering to edgy looks that liberate your wardrobe to enhance your style with positivity and purpose. You are worthy, and we are here to remind you that you are God’s creation, giving you so much more than just a garment, but a message on how experiences can evoke inspiration in various facets.  


Transforming the traditional connotation of a King and Queen, we aim to inspire people to go after their dreams through faith and dedication to their craft. Faith in oneself and one's abilities is necessary to overcome obstacles and setbacks that may occur during the pursuit of a dream. As an essential piece to chase your dreams, faith and dedication are the secret components to maintaining a positive mindset, sustain hope and the belief in the possibility of achieving one's goals, even during difficult times. 


Regardless of any wounds that may have been caused by doubt, fear, or anything holding you back, you can reclaim your life and your value. In this life, no matter your past, you are capable of anything through hard work. Each and every person on this earth has the power to create the life they want and the life they rightfully deserve. Dream bigger than expected and achieve goals that some deem immeasurable. We offer a comprehensive curation of carefully thought-out illustrations and messages that speak volumes. More than ever, we need to empower others to fulfill their purpose and walk toward their mission. Dreaming without limits allows everyone to stand a chance at greatness.

Brand Story

There are many times in our life when we are faced with setbacks that wound our hearts, causing us to feel like we can’t overcome. But with the determination to put the work in for growth, mental strength, and happiness, you begin to see life from a different perspective. For founder Segundo Vargas, KNDQND is his way of uniting the world, not only through streetwear but a message of purpose. Defining unity through streetwear, he’s cultivated a brand that encourages change and opportunity for those with a story to tell. His collection of streetwear pieces is fueled by his passion for transforming art and turning style into identity. As a self-driven collaborative, his goal is to elevate the individual voice and make a statement. Regardless of what path you may be on or the setbacks you face in life, you have something within yourself to strive toward a better day. By taking back control and making space for what matters in your wardrobe, you set the tone for an abundance of positive outcomes.


By removing the noise of traditional retail,  KNDQND uplifts and unifies the community for all Kings and Queens, creating a legacy that will never die. While being unapologetic in every personal journey, each piece brings meaning to fashion while tapping into purpose, encouraging drive and vision that takes a different approach to expression. By putting his unique skills and ideas together, Segundo began creating with a passion for adding more into the community and the possibilities that occur when you dig deep within. The selections created at KNDQND allow customers to wear their crowns proudly as Black Kings and Queens throughout their lives, no matter where the destination may be.